Trivia stories

This is where I will put stuff that doesn’t fit in other places.

My Asperger’s Disorder

My life timeline

Business card story

Please find Shirley Rhett for me

Halloween 2004

The many ways to spell Duane

Private pilot

Meeting Charlie Manson

I am a proud draft dodger of the Viet Nam war

POLST, Physician Ordered Life Saving Treatment

Ordained Minister, really?

My 2002 trip just after 9/11.

My first experience with racism

The warehouse fire in Oakland, Ca.

A Mount St. Helens story

My heart disease

A solar light review

Trip to Cape Verde, Africa

Sparks, rare booklets from 1909

The house that I built with my own hands

My Trex stairway

Life on a houseboat

World War II – article from a friend

Zak Vetter

The gold and silver exchange by Zak Vetter

This one isn’t even slightly funny, it is very sad.   I just didn’t know where else to put it.


Updated Sept 28 2019